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Miao Jingou (妙静鸥) is a former contestant in Produce Camp 2020.

She was eliminated in episode 7, at the rank of 42.


  • Ep2: #46.
  • Ep3: #54.
  • Ep4: #55.
  • Ep5: #45.
  • Ep6: #45.
  • Ep7: Eliminated.


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Focus Cams[]


Digital Singles[]

Discography Featured In[]

  • 花開處有你(電視劇《上古密約》插曲) (Guardians of the Ancient Oath) (2020)
  • Wǒmen de Bān (我們的班) - Various Artists (2018)
  • Our Name (我們的名字) - Various Artists (2019)
  • Xiǎo Tiánmì (小甜蜜) - Zhang Yangyang & Miao Jingou (2020)
  • Autumn Water (秋水長天) - Various Artists (2020)


  • She has sung many OST's.[1]
  • She is a former contestant in the 2016 singer survival show Super Girl.
  • She is a former contestant on Miss Voice.[2]
  • She is a big fan of Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. She also likes BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, TWICE, Chungha, IZ*ONE, BTS, MAMAMOO, and K-Pop in general.
  • Her special talent was to sing "Dà yú" (大鱼; Big fish).
  • She was eliminated in the same episode with the rest of her preliminary team, Eagle of the Desert.
  • She is a former member of PEG, a sport themed girl group. She halted activities around April 2016.


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