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Liu Meng (刘梦) is a former contestant in Produce Camp 2020.

She was eliminated during the finale, at the rank of 14.


  • Ep2: #10.
  • Ep3: #13.
  • Ep4: #13.
  • Ep5: #20.
  • Ep6: #20.
  • Ep7: #20.
  • Ep8: #10.
  • Ep9: #15.
  • Ep10: Eliminated.


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Focus Cams[]


  • She has an older twin named Liu Bei.
  • She is openly a part of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Models for taobao.
  • Has a red belt in taekwondo.
  • She is famous on Douyin with 4 million followers.
  • Her fandom name, Dora (哆啦), is deprived from Doraemon (哆啦A梦) because A梦 sounds like 爱梦, which means "love meng".
  • She was the only finalist to wear pants in her special uniform.