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Lin Junyi (林君怡) is a former contestant on Produce Camp 2020 and Produce 101 China.

On Produce 101 China, she was eliminated in Episode 4, at the rank of 72.

On Produce Camp 2020, she was eliminated in the finale, at the rank of 10.


Produce Camp 101 China[]

  • Ep2: #46.
  • Ep3: #56.
  • Ep4: Eliminated.

Produce Camp 2020[]

  • Ep2: #6.
  • Ep3: #8.
  • Ep4: #8.
  • Ep5: #9.
  • Ep6: #10.
  • Ep7: #10.
  • Ep8: #13.
  • Ep9: #12.
  • Ep10: Eliminated.


Produce Camp 2020
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Survival Shows[]


  • Hello My Girl (2021) - Wang Zi Xuan, Support role


Digital Singles[]

  • Full Mark Performance (2019)
  • I know (2020)

Focus Cams[]

Produce Camp 101
Produce Camp 2020


  • Her Douyin username is 林君怡_NN.
  • She is part Chinese and part Korean.
  • She ranked 6th in The Next Top Bang and joined Legal High, along with fellow Produce Camp 2020 trainee Xu Yi Yang and Youth With You 2/THE9's Shaking. She was a consistent member before its quiet disbandment.
  • In Episode 1 Part I she made the quote "It's not hard to give up, but it's very cool if we persist" after her speech about being a returnee.[1]
    • She commented on it with "I've returned. The hardest thing is to pluck up courage, but we've all made it. We strongly believe that we are able to shine".


  1. Chuang 2020 Episode 1 Part I