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INTO1 is a eleven-member boy group under Tencent and Wajijiwa Entertainment. They were formed through Produce Camp 2021. They debuted on April 24, 2021 with their single "INTO1".



Rank Name Company Position(s) Color
1 Liu Yu (刘宇) Biubiu Culture Center, leader       Celadon Blue
2 Santa (サンタ) Avex Warps       Maidao Orange
3 Rikimaru (リキマル) Avex Warps       Milo Purple
4 Mika (米卡) Avex       Hawaii Green
5 Nine (高卿尘) Insight Entertainment             Qing Chen
6 Lin Mo (林墨) White Media       Brilliant yellow
7 Bo Yuan (伯远) Qigu Culture Deputy Leader       Sophora
8 Zhang Jia Yuan (张嘉元) Wajijiwa Entertainment             15 degrees Celsius
9 Patrick (尹浩宇) Insight Entertainment       Paida Star
10 Zhou Ke Yu (周柯宇) Jaywalk Newjoy       Silver
11 Liu Zhang (刘彰) W8VES       AK Red


Extended Plays[]

  1. [2021.07.16] The Storm Center (风暴眼)
  2. [2021.12.17] Go Further (万里)


  • "INTO1"
  • "Into The Fire" (撞)
  • "Wonderland Party"
  • "Hit The Punchline" (点睛)
  • "The Ocean of Dunes" (风吹沙成海)
  • "See You" (明早老地方, 出发)
  • "Go Further" (万里)

Promotional singles[]

  • "Chuang To-Gather, Go!" (我们一起闯)
  • "Echoes of Ancient Shu" (古蜀回响)
  • "Burning Youth" (燃烧吧青春)
  • "Fall in Love" (陷入爱情)
  • "New Era, Winter Olympics" (新时代 冬奥运)


Variety Shows[]

  • Unknown Weekly! INTO1! (Tencent Video, 2021) - regular members
  • Surprise Quest Night (Mango TV, 2021) - guests
  • Great Escape Season 3: JD 618 Special (Mango TV, 2021) - guests
  • Lucky INTO1 (Tencent Video, 2021) - regular members
  • Super Nova Games: Sports and Roll (Tencent Video, 2021) - regular members
  • The Coming One 5 (Tencent Video, 2021) - guest mentors



  • Liu Yu participated in The Chinese Youth.
  • Santa and Rikimaru are members of WARPs UP.
  • Mika is a member of INTERSECTION.
  • Nine is a Thai actor and a former member of OXQ.
  • Bo Yuan participated in Youth With You and is a member of ZERO-G.
  • Zhang Jia Yuan participated in The Coming One: SUPER BAND.
  • Patrick is a Thai actor.
  • Zhou Ke Yu is a member of BEST.
  • Liu Zhang participated in Rap for Youth.
  • Lin Mo is a member of Yi'An Music Club.

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